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Pascal and Remy, father and son…

Pascal and Remy, father and son…

2012 season, April 11th.

With Pascal and Rémy we went fishing on a lake in north of Connemara. For both the objective was to catch a big irish pike. Remy is a carp angler in France, so it wasn’t a problem to cast a big bait at long distance! He caught this pike on a Buster Jerk, a quality lure for enormous pike…:-)

Brochet du Connemara en Irlande.

Remy’s father, Pascal, had a pike for a few minutes! But it vanished just before we got a look at it! It was clearly a very large pike, the rod was bent in two. Pascal did take this one, a nice fish … but a lot smaller.

Brochet d'Irlande.

Even if it can get a bit chilly in the early season, beautiful spring days are a real treat for fishing in these lakes! They often offer a perfect setting! I doubt that Pascal and Remy would contradict me… 🙂

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