Rates 2020 – 2021 / FRANCE

BROWN TROUTS in Ariège (fly-fishing – “Toc” natural baits – spinning)


ZANDER – PIKE – PERCH (lures on a boat)

MONTBEL lake (Ariège) / GANGUISE lake (Aude) – other name : “Barrage de l’Estrade”

CARAMANY lake (Pyrénées-Orientales) – other name : Barrage de l’Agly / LUNAX lake (Haute-Garonne) – other name : Barrage de la Gimone

Canal du MIDI (Aude – Haute-Garonne) / only on the bank


you choose your favorite technique :

(fly-fishing – “Toc” natural baits – spinning)

_ _ _

FULL DAY (8 hours of fishing)

One angler: 250 €

Two anglers: 175 € per person

Three anglers: 130 € per person

One adult and a child  (under 18 years old): 300 €

Couple: 300 €

LURE FISHING / On a boat


Boat fishing

_ _ _

FULL DAY (8 hours of fishing)

Boat fihing :

One angler: 280 €

Two anglers: 190 € per person

Three anglers: 150 € per person

One adult and a child  (under 18 years old): 350 €

Couple: 350 €


On the canal bank:

Fishing on the bank (Canal du midi for example) : looks at fly fishing brown trout’s prices

Specific rates LUNAX lake (Gimone lake)

Department of Haute-Garonne – 31

In the process of modification, consult me …

Specific rates CARAMANY (Agly lake)

Department of Pyrénées Orientales – 66

In the process of modification, consult me …

Mandatory fishing license

All the fishing sectors on which I guide are in reciprocity. You can therefore fish there with an interdepartmental card that includes a stamp from the EHGO, CHI or URN. If you have a simply departmental card, you just need to add the stamp of one of these 3 agreements. Understand everything about reciprocity: https://www.cartedepeche.fr/246-la-reciprocite.htm

If you are on vacation and you do not have a fishing card, you can take a day (€ 15) or weekly (€ 32) card.

Find all the information here: https://www.cartedepeche.fr/

Special regulations on Lake Caramany (Agly dam, Pyrénées Orientales): “Fishing in Barque FD66” supplement specific to Lake Caramany (15 € per person)

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